3D Floor Plans

High-quality floor plans are now an essential component of the real estate industry, the interior design industry and related service providers. RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans provide a true "feel" for the property, showing a clear overview of its layout and potential.

If you need one or many 3D floor plans, you can opt to draw your own floor plans using our incredibly easy-to-use software, or you can have one of the RoomSketcher illustrators draw Ready-Made Floor Plans based on a sketch or blueprint. Choose from a variety of settings: with or without measurements, metric or imperial units, furnished or unfurnished floor plans and more.

It is easy to use RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans to present property listings and interior design projects online or in print. The finished floor plans and home designs can be downloaded as either .jpg, PDF or .png files. Our RoomSketcher Pro subscribers can customize the floor plans with their company logo and details, and can even set their own style by choosing the color of walls and floors.

3D floor plans

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